Dear younger self…(Part 2)

Dear younger self 2

Welcome to this week’s blog. As promised last week, I’m posting the second and final part of the “Dear younger self” series. I hope you loved the first one as much as I did and I hope you love and learn from this one too.

Putting this one together was emotionally challenging as seeing people become honest and open with themselves is beautiful in as much as it is overwhelming. Without dragging, I’ll go right into the last of the responses. Also, if you didn’t read part 1 of this series, I suggest you do that before you read this one. I know that’s a lot of reading but it will give a better understanding on what exactly is going on here.

  1. “I would honestly say, ‘Life is going to get harder, enjoy everything you have now. Enjoy the people you have around you and cherish every single one of them. Life isn’t easy at all but I promise you’ll get through it. Just remember to count on God always and you’ll be fine.'” (20-24 years)
  2. “Insecurity. There is such a negative connotation attached to the word that you would think that it’s obscure when in actual fact every single person has battled with or battles with it. My insecurities mainly stemmed from the fact that I felt sub par and like I didn’t really fit in. I never talked about my insecurities and the isolation only gave them room to grow and overshadow some of my best qualities. I often felt like I was alone when I definitely wasn’t. I had and still have some amazing friends and family so the advice I would give myself where this is concerned would be to think about all I have. I’d just make sure to let myself know that I’m just as valuable as everyone else and that I wasn’t alone in feeling insecure. My personal growth has put me in some uncomfortable places emotionally and mentally but I’ve had a lot of help along the way, some of the best advice being to ‘work on my emotional intelligence.’ Learning about yourself absolutely makes learning about other people and dealing with their emotions so much easier and I will be eternally grateful to my family, in particular my mother, and friends for allowing me to grow (including the girl that runs this blog) and pushing me to be the best version of myself.” (20-24 years)
  3. “I would tell younger me to live in the moment simply because every single one is gonna be worth it eventually and the Owner of our script finished before He started.” (15-19 years)
  4. “Be content with what you have now. Believe that life can be better than what it is now. Discipline YOURSELF and do good. Self is capable of doing evil and this can break your relations with God and people. Life will give you suffering in different forms-being teased about your appearance, being treated unfairly by friends or family, and failing at something. Suffering is inevitable but you can CHOOSE not to remain in a state of suffering. Ask for help. Accept the situation, not necessarily agreeing to it. It’s not easy to do but you have to try to. Believe in your looks and appearance. As young people we compare our looks to each other. Believing that we are beautiful and accept ourselves helps a lot with building self-esteem/ confidence and avoid peer pressure that seeks to please. (30+ years)
  5. ” One thing I’d tell my younger self is that it’s okay not to please everyone. Not everyone and everything requires your attention. You are enough and you don’t need the validation of others to get through life. Mistakes will be made yes but everything is a lesson. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are wise. You are enough.” (15-19 years)

That’s the last of the responses I got. It’s amazing how we are able to look back in our lives and identify points where we could have done better or identify points of growth. At every stage in life there are lessons to be learnt and that’s what makes this journey exciting. To my fellow young people, we will go through struggles and we will go through challenges. Some will seem harder to go through than others but one thing I can assure you is that some how we will get through this.

Thank you to everyone who took time out to respond and take part in this challenge with me. I had an amazing time working with you and learning from your experiences.

This is the end of this week’s blog and the “Dear younger self” series. If you loved this, follow the page, like the post, comment your thoughts and jump on this challenge if you haven’t already. See you all next week.


Wonani, Xx.

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