Blog gets old.


One Month

Last week, my blog turned one month old! I didn’t celebrate last week because we had the “Dear Younger Self” series that needed completion. If you haven’t seen that post and would like to, go to the home page and you’ll find it right there. Happy one month to Adult Child!!!!

Starting a blog is easy. Just create the website and there you have it! Maintaining it is where the work comes in. This one month has been full of lessons. It really may not look like it considering I only have about 4 or 5 posts up now but trust me, every week I learn something. So here are a few things I’ve learnt:

First of all, maintaining a blog means time. Putting aside time every week to plan your content and your posts. I literally take days to prepare an article or whatever it is you can call these. It’s like a whole other course in school (Of course school comes first. Just saying). So time management really is key. This is definitely one of the biggest lessons

Secondly, it teaches one to gain some sort of professionalism. Of course, before anything else, I write these for myself. So that relieves the pressure of me trying not to be boring. Really, if these are boring to you then I can guarantee you I am not someone you would want to spend an entire day with. I’m gonna come back to these some time later and use them as reminders of different things I’ve learnt. I say it requires professionalism in that obviously, I’m not the only on who reads what I write. So I don’t expect myself to publish half-baked work because then why am I putting it out for the world to see if I can’t deliver?

Thirdly, this platform has given me the ability to interact with people on a different level from what I’m used to. Everyone who has helped me so far has been super supportive and inspiring. Basically, teaching me to be outgoing.

Lastly, one thing that really is draining about this entire concept is coming up with content and staying relevant. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m writing this like I have been blogging for an entire year LOL! Really though, coming up with new content isn’t easy and I am so grateful it isn’t because the search for what to write about makes me do one of the things I love to do the most, read!!!! So yeah. This is a whole commitment. Like I really can’t turn back from this. I’m not giving up.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! From next week onward, I will be having a specific theme to cover every month. I didn’t want to say this now but for the sake of understanding, the month of July is themed: “QUEEN CULTURE.” This means evry post in July will be something related to queens or females. Stick around boys it’s gonna be interesting. I hope you get the idea. So, that’s my gift, from me to Adult Child and everyone who follows.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed one way or another be it emotionally, morally or whatever other way it is you helped. I’m more than glad to be doing something I love with your help.

Here’s to more posts from me.*sips champagne*

I don’t apologise for the short post. I’ll give your eyes a rest this week. I’m nice like that. Finally, if you liked this post, or any other post, like it, leave your thoughts/comments in the comment section and follow the blog to get notifications each time I post! If you have any suggestions or you would like me to write about something specific, leave a comment or send me an email with whatever it is you have to say. My e-mail address is somewhere on the home page.

See you all next week as we begin a new month and tackle “QUEEN CULTURE.”

That’s it for this week!


Wonani, Xx.

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