30 days of gratitude (Day 1):What smell are you grateful for today?

Gratitude challenge

For the month of December, I have decided to take part in the “30 days of gratitude”. I added a little twist to it to make it more interesting. For every item I am grateful for on a particular day, I will write a little poem centred around it to explain why I am grateful for it. I won’t post everyday though. Only on a day when I feel the content is worth sharing.

Day 1: What smell are you grateful for today?


The light of 2pm turns dark and I look up only to be greeted by the clouds turning to grey moving slowly but surely towards me. Sadly, play time has to come to an end early because mom and kids in wet clothes do not see eye to eye.

The lightning strikes first and the thunder roars loudly telling me it’s time to get home. The little kid I am wants to stay out a little bit longer because the sudden coolness is welcome after a long day of heat and playing in the rain is amazing but my mind says, “Run child, run!”

It begins. It’s a race against mother nature. I run as fast as my tiny legs can carry me with my shoes in my hands. I can hear the rain hit the roofing sheets a short distance behind me. Little screams of excitement leave my body as I struggle to stay ahead in the race knowing very well that if I lose, my excitement will be short-lived.

The rain begins to fall. heavily and loudly creating a blur. The water flowing past my feet carries away any chance I had of staying out of trouble with it. It’s amazing, the smell that hits my nose when the rain hits the ground. Crisp, light and clean. The three words that come to mind as I decide to walk the few remaining metres to my house. I’m already wet so running won’t change a thing.

I get home greeted by my mother’s voice asking me to repeat what she said about playing in the rain, a hot bath waiting for me to wash the rain off my skin and a hot cup of tea when I’m done to keep me warm. 

I sit on the couch in silence. Drinking my cup of tea. Letting the music of the rain hitting the roof serenade me into a deep sleep while breathing in the magical smell of the rain.

I am grateful for the smell of rain and all the childhood memories it brings with it.


Wonani, Xx.



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