2018 and The little things.


2018 was a good year. I don’t have anything major to landmark in 2018. I mean nothing like, “I graduated!” or “I got a new car!” or “I got a new phone!” and lastly “I wrote a book!”. My year was all about the little things like, “I took new courses this semester.”,”My housemate got me a coke.” “I wrote more this year.”, “I tried a new hair colour.” etc

Also, I feel like this is a good platform to let you know that I cry on the 1st of every year. I get so emotional at midnight. It’s amazing to think I just made it through 365 days and I am about to tackle another 365 days by God’s grace. That’s something worth crying about if you ask me.

For most of the year I kept looking for big signs of progress. Something huge to mark a new point in life. A big sign from heaven to show that God is looking out. Just something huge. I was forced to look for these “huge” things because at some points during the year, I felt like I could be doing better. I had points where I’d ask God why certain things are only happening for certain people. I felt like everyone is moving forward or being progressive but me.

You know what sucks the most about being in such a state? You begin to overlook the baby steps. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.” Where is the lie bro where is the lie?! The amazing thing though is I came to a point where I realised I’m actually progressing. I realised that if I have to get to point Z, I’d have to go through point B,C,D and so on. It may not look like something big but if I have to achieve the huge thing I’m trying to, then I’ll have to go through small and seemingly insignificant victories along the way.

Coming to that revelation was a game changer for me. There are certain things I asked God for help with and to me it seemed like my prayers went unanswered only for me to realise, many months down the line, that He actually came through. Not in the big, loud way I expected Him to but He made use of the “little” things. Things I took for granted.

Little things for me may not be little things for you but whatever your “little things” are, I hope you are grateful for them. 2018 may not seem like it was a loud and significant year for you or maybe it had more downs than ups, just always be grateful for the little things. Hopefully I carry on in 2019 LOL.

Lastly, set your goals for the next year. Write them down in your notebook or diary. Be realistic please.  One of my goals for this year was to buy a new hard copy novel every month. I wasn’t being realistic. I know it seems easy but man!! Some months were harder than others. I should have 12 books by now but well I don’t even have 5. So be realistic. Write them down and go through them regularly or when we are six months into the year just to evaluate yourself.

Finally, I just wanna give a huge shout out to myself for being serious about blogging this year. Hopefully next year I’ll be a better blogger than I was this year. More consistency and better content. This is actually going to my list of goals for the year.

One last thing. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Visit a new place. Hydrate. Dare to be different. Good different though. It’s the little things that matter.

See y’all next year.



Wonani Xx.



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