Letter to Women and Girls Everywhere


Dear Women and Girls everywhere,

I’m so happy to be writing this today. Despite everything that is going on around the world and the quarantine we have all been subjected to, I’m happy I get to hopefully put a smile on your face as you read this.

We have come a long way. We have had people fighting for us for a long time. Some people have been fighting even before you were born. Fighting for us to be able to vote, to be educated and to do what we want. I’m happy that today, a large number of us are still pushing to make sure that women are heard and women have the rights they deserve. I’m very grateful for every woman in the background and in the front lines who fights to make this happen.

Also, I am very glad that you, we, are finally understanding and making use of the potential we posses. We believe in ourselves more and are beginning to step up. We have so many bloggers, photographers, women in STEM, florists, activists, writers, etc. The list could go on and on. It’s always nice to see people follow their dreams and I couldn’t be more proud of us.

I want you to remember that you are beautiful. The colour of your skin is perfect, the texture of your hair is divine. You have a beautiful smile and a heart of gold. Your soul and your spirit are pure. The curves on your body, magical. Your voice, strong enough to demand respect and calm enough to soothe. You are the embodiment of all things beautiful, made in the image of a loving God.

Despite there being days when your smile isn’t wide enough or your eyes aren’t shining as bright, you should remember that “you have survived 100% of your bad days” and everything will be okay. You are strong and you will get through it.

Even as we keep on rising, it is important that we acknowledge that we don’t all go up at the same speed and not everyone may have it easy. So as you make your way up, help those who could be struggling. Help people in less fortunate circumstances, in whatever way you can and in your own capacity. That way, we will be helping the world around us.

I hope we can all leave our marks and do something amazing that we can and will be remembered for. We make history everyday.

You’re doing amazing sweetie.


Wonani Xx


Hey everyone! Unfortunately this post is coming in a few days late but it is here still. This post marks the end of The_Woman series which I totally enjoyed writing and I am honestly so overwhelmed with the feedback and private messages I got regarding this series. I’m grateful for every single one of you.

Celebrating women and each other in general shouldn’t just be something done once in a year because a day demands you to. We should make a habit of encouraging each other. Congratulate the person next to you when they succeed. Tell people you love them and show appreciation for them whenever you can. Let’s all be responsible. Speak out about issues affecting children, women and men all over the world. Your platform, whatever it may be, is large enough. So let’s all work together to protect everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I hope we were all inspired in one way or another. Thanks to everyone who worked with me on this series and to everyone who shared this with their friends and family. There were people from countries that rarely cross my mind reading this and that made me so happy.

To officially end this, I’m going to share a few pages that I follow, love and think you should check out, run by different women who do different things. So have a look and support them or just admire their insane talent and art.

Thanks for reading!


The Grateful Woman Xx


  1. Masiliso Mutumba (Vlogs/ Model)
  2. P.S FLEURS (Floral Arrangements/ Gift sets- highly recommend if you are in Lusaka)
  3. The Open Space (Social Entrepreneurs)
  4. Lessons From a Learner (Blog)
  5. Chiwotu (Photography/ Magazine)
  6. Utuntu Tunono (Photography)
  7. La Vogue Kloset (Clothing/ Brand)
  8. Ronnies Twisted (Hair Tech- highly recommend if you are in Malaysia)
  9. KalNic (Fitness, food, lifestyle blog)
  10. Joy Cosmetics (Cosmetics)
  11. Bulangizi (Lifestyle Blog)

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