Blog FAQs: Writing Process, Why I blog, etc.


Hello everyone. This week I will be answering some burning questions I am frequently asked regarding the blog. If you also want to ask questions, leave a comment or email me and I will definitely get back to you.


Who is the person behind the blog?

My name is Wonani M. I sign out of all my posts with my name just in case you haven’t noticed. I am Zambian and I was born on the 4th of February, 21 years ago. I am an engineering student in Malaysia who loves to read and write and has been running a blog for 2 years.

**I’ll keep editing this every so often because things are always changing. If you were hoping for a face, I advise you look at some of my older posts but this will do for now.

When did you start writing and why did you start a blog? 

First things first, I have been reading for fun for as long as I can remember. Writing is something relatively new to me. I think I discovered writing is something I really liked in high-school, because of compositions for English class. My teacher of English made me read out one of my stories to the whole class and I remember a few people didn’t believe that I actually wrote it. That’s when I knew I might actually be good at writing.

I started my writing journey when I was 14 or 15, with short poems and a few spoken word poems which no one ever saw. I took this very seriously after high-school because I met a group of people who were as interested in spoken word poetry as I was. Being around similar or like-minded people made my creative juices flow and I wrote so many pieces during the time I was with them. I have no idea where that book is now and I hope no one ever finds it. I learnt how to recite poems with them and we would practice stage presence, getting into character and everything else that was involved in spoken word. The whole experience was fun and funny now that I think about it because who did we think we were? That’s when the idea of a blog came to life. Initially the blog was meant to be a platform for me to post my poetry and support other people in the arts but along the way I just decided to use it to share my life experiences, interact with others, learn, relax and try out a new style of writing. I needed something that isn’t school to keep me busy and just to provide a distraction

Interesting fact: I am currently working on my first idea for the blog. I should have launched that a few months ago but due to some challenges I faced, that hasn’t happened yet. It will happen. I just don’t know when.

What is your writing process?

My writing process consists of three basic steps: Think, Write, Edit.

Think: Thinking of what to write can sometimes be the most challenging part of the process for me. I have so many written drafts and I also have a note book where I have planned out content for up to September. Even with all this, I still find myself stuck sometimes and if I’m not really into something, I won’t write about it. For example, I had something else scheduled for today’s post but I just wasn’t interested in it anymore and so here we are. This complicates things because I have to start digging deep into my brain or look for fresh inspiration just to write a 1000 word “essay”. That can be a drawback and makes me feel lazy to write sometimes but I have people who help me think when I can’t think for myself or don’t want to use what I already have. This is the main reason I post twice a month. I usually only post weekly if I have a series I’m working on because then the ideas are already there.

Write: As soon as I have figured out what I want to write about, I mentally plan how I want it to flow. Honestly speaking, 8 out of 10 times I don’t plan. The 2 times I plan are when I’m working with other people for a post, I’m working on a series or writing about something I’m not so experienced on. Usually I just start to write and see where my mind and fingers take me. I fix the layout or arrangement of thoughts after I’m done writing so that it makes sense to the reader and not just to me. However, If I’m, writing about a topic I’m not so educated about or one that isn’t based on MY experience, I do my research first. I read about it, ask questions about it and then write because I don’t want to tell lies. I know I don’t work by the book but this works for me.

Edit: When it comes to editing, I read through the work a hundred times. Editing is not just checking for spelling mistakes. I have to make sure I have properly expressed my line of thought, make sure I’m grammatically correct etc. Editing requires patience and breaks in between because if you read something ten times, at one point you start to see what you want to see and not what’s actually there. Editing takes a lot of time for me because I don’t plan the layout of my work before I start writing.

During editing, I end up deleting certain sentences, moving paragraphs around and sometimes starting the whole thing afresh. I try to start writing or decide on what to write a week before I’m due to post just so that I don’t have to rush through the editing process, post something I’m not satisfied with or sit on my laptop for hours on end trying to make something right. I also help some of my friends edit their work and I think that has contributed to how I edit mine because it sort of helps me know what to look for when I’m editing. If you can, get someone else to proof read for you. The more eyes, the better.

Also, please don’t over-analyse my work just because I mentioned editing lol.


Those are the most frequently asked questions at the moment. One question I haven’t responded to is “How do I successfully run a blog?”. That might be a blog post for the future, when I’m actually successfully running this blog the way I plan to. After two years, I’m still figuring out how WordPress works so I don’t think I can really answer that now. However, if you need help setting it up, I’ll be glad to help.

That aside, if you want to start a blog, just start it. You’ll figure the rest out on the way. You don’t really have much to lose with a “failed” blog apart from time and money if you choose to pay for your package. So just jump into it and do it.

A special thank you to everyone who shares my blog and makes it what it is.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, leave a comment below or email me on I would love to hear from you!

Stay safe, please practice social distancing and stay home if you can.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

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