Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! We are already halfway through 2020 and so far, this has been the longest and shortest year! I hope that despite all that has been going on, we are still taking time to rest, recharge and appreciate the little positive things around us.

Afrobloggers organizes this challenge in June every year called the Winter Blogging Challenge. I recently came across it as I was catching up on other blogs and decided to join it despite being a few days late. The idea is to post everyday almost the way vlogmas on YouTube works except prompts are provided and you have to write based on or around them them.

I know it’s going to be a huge challenge for me because I am in the middle of my semester and I have so much going on but, I’m going to do my best to still post everyday. I want to do this because all the prompts are interesting, I’m African and this just seems like a fun thing to do to take my mind off stressful things for a little while. I hope you can stick around with me till the end of June.

Another thing I should mention is that for this challenge, weekends are rest days so I may not be posting as usual on Sundays this month unless otherwise. However, like I have mentioned, I will be posting everyday from Monday to Friday.

I’ll start tomorrow on what is Day 6 of the challenge and then I’ll do Days 1 to 5 at the end just so I can be in tune with everyone else. If you want to know more about this challenge and see the prompts or topics for each day click here. If you decide to join this challenge, please let me know!

With that said, I’ll be back here tomorrow with my first post for the challenge. I’m so excited to be doing this! Follow the blog so that you don’t miss out.

Stay safe and practice social distancing. Black Lives Matter. Stop Sexual Abuse.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

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