Social Media Accounts I Love

Hey everyone! It’s Day 9 of the WinterABC and today we go back to talking about social media. Clearly social media is a big deal. Of all my social media accounts, I’m most active on Instagram and YouTube. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite social media accounts on Instagram with you and telling you why I love them.

I picked accounts with different content: Fashion/photography, Travel, Faith and Books/ Reading. I chose my favourite from each of those hoping you find at least one you are interested in and hopefully check it out. (Click on the name of each account to visit it)


Taken from @_chiwotu

Chiwotu is a Lenje word from Zambia meaning “something good” or “that’s good”. The name of this account is perfect because it really is something good.

I recently shared via my Instagram story how happy this account makes me. It is my favourite account on Instagram right now. It’s a photography account with everything shot and curated by Shilika whose personal account is just as amazing. The feed on this account is a beautiful blend of neutral and bright colours with an impressive aesthetic. Filled with different happy and beautiful faces, and sometimes no faces at all, each post has it’s on story to be tell.

Shilika also has a magazine called Chiwotu which is constantly getting better. The most recent issue shows us different Zambian creatives, it takes us on a walk through Lusaka and gives us a glimpse of her eye for photography, fashion and colours. Feel free to visit her Instagram.

Discover Zambia

Taken from @discoverzambia

Discover Zambia is an account that satisfies the heart of those who love to wander. It’s an account that features different places and travel destinations in Zambia. The account takes you to different places all around Zambia with the help of beautiful pictures taken by different people. Discover Zambia has introduced me to some places even I, a Zambian citizen and resident, didn’t know about. Get a glimpse of Zambia’s wildlife, amazing water bodies and the most beautiful places to go to for a weekend away. Why do I follow Discover Zambia? It’s always nice to see home and see places I’ve never been to. It also gives me ideas of places to visit in Zambia. Very Authentic and very Zambian. If you want to visit Zambia or see what it looks like, definitely visit this account!

Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry
My copy of “Gay Girl, Good God” which I am very proud of.

I’ll borrow a little from her bio. Jackie is a “disciple. wife. mommy. writer. teacher. poet. emcee” and the author of “Gay Girl, Good God”. Spoken word poetry is one of my favourite forms of art and it introduced me to her.

She is part of a group called Poets in Autumn which I hope to see live one day! She has amazing and extremely thought provoking poems which I watched and listened to so many times and yet every time feels like the first. She also gives very interesting opinions on various world issues on her Instagram. I learn a lot from her. Her book, “Gay Girl, Good God” is extremely well written, honest and raw. Calling for conversation that most people in the church run away from. I highly recommend reading this book. I also love the book because I bought it myself. Hard-copy.

Zambian Reader

Taken from @zambianreader

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary,”- Jim Rohn.

This one is for the readers like me. Zambian reader is an account that has everything to do with books. Different books are constantly shared on this platform, sometimes with short book reviews to accompany the titles. I have come to know of a lot of books through that account and honestly it’s just one of those that just brings me joy. Another cool thing is it has a highlight that shares different Zambian authors and also introduces you to their work. Recently they have been hosting “Book Chats” with various authors or readers and those have been interesting to see!

Those are four social media accounts I love. All from Instagram. There are many others but these will do for now! I may consider making a list of my favourite YouTube channels and podcasts in future. Maybe. Just maybe.

Make sure you visit those accounts and see what they have to offer. There’s only so much I can share here. I’ll be back tomorrow!

Stay safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

10 thoughts on “Social Media Accounts I Love

  1. I have had the pleasure of reading Gay Girl Good God it was quite raw and a topic many Christians shrug off but she gives insight of her experience.
    Poets in Autumn hope we can catch a seat together.

    Zambia just sounded more interesting thank you

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