A Brand I Would Love to Work With

Hey everyone! The time is currently 10:08 pm here in West Malaysia. The engineer in me won today and this is when I’m having enough time to sit with my laptop and do something that does not involve numbers or drawings. I couldn’t be happier for this time.

Regardless of how tired I am, today is still Day 10 of the challenge. I have been thinking about what to write in response to today’s prompt for most of the week and as the day came closer, I panicked because believe it or not, I have no particular brand in mind! So, because I have no one brand in mind, in a few sentences, I will very briefly describe the kind of brand I’d love to work with. Maybe from that I’ll be able to identify a few brands or even better, you can give me ideas as I read through your posts later on.

I’d love to work with a brand that has a huge heart for people. A brand that promotes human safety and protects the rights of children and those disadvantaged in our society. A brand that pushes people to be their best whilst at the same time empowering them to be their best. I’d love to work for a brand that promotes peace and a brand that protects.

At this very point in writing, one brand has come to mind and is totally unrelated to the paragraph I just wrote. Will I erase it? No. I’ll leave it in so that you can see just how all over the place but yet diverse (lol) my mind is. Anyway, a brand I would be happy to work with is Nike or Adidas. I love sneakers so much they are pretty much all I wear on my feet. And I love their sneakers. I try to get myself a pair sneakers whenever I can and I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to sneakers I love and can’t afford yet. I’d like to work with them mostly because it means there is a chance I will not have to spend so much money on shoes ever again. Also, Adidas, Nike, if you’re reading this, I promise I’ll learn how to take good pictures with your shoes.

Now, back to what I was saying before I got side tracked. Any brand that’s here to help, I love. That’s because it’s who I am. I’m a helper. I just want to see people happy. So if I can find a brand that represents me or represents what I believe in, that’s the brand I’d love to work with. As simple as that.

That’s it! A brand or brands I’d love to work with. If any of you can connect me to Adidas, Nike or any other sneaker distributors, I’d appreciate that. I’d love it even more if I found a brand that I felt is the true reflection of me.

Looking forward to reading all the other posts and meeting different brands. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find one I love. I’ll be back for the challenge on Monday! For now, we play catch up.

Stay Safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

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