Coffee with Kenneth Kaunda, DJ Zinhle

Hello everyone! It’s another day of the challenge and today’s prompt has to do with an African personality I’d like to meet and why. Am I cheating if I mention two people? I hope not. As can be seen from my title, my two picks have nothing in common but that doesn’t matter.


The first notable African personality I would like to meet is Kenneth Kaunda. This has not always been the case and the idea of meeting him only came up yesterday. Yesterday’s writing prompt had to do with “An event in African History” and I sat that one out because I realised that as much as I wanted to write about an event in Zambian history specifically, I didn’t know so much about it.

Zambia's last hero standing - Kaunda at 90 - New African Magazine

Now, for those who don’t know him, Kenneth Kaunda was Zambia’s first president. Others have said he is Zambia’s last hero standing. He was one of the people who fought for the country’s independence and also assisted in the independence of other Southern African countries. I do not know much of what life was really like leading up to Zambia’s independence and I don’t know what really happened after. I would like to have coffee with KK for that very reason. He must have good stories to tell because I know for sure I have good questions to ask, mostly based on what I’ve heard. The good, the bad and the ugly. I imagine it would be interesting.


Another notable African personality I would love to meet is Zinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle.

For those who don’t know her, Zinhle is a South African DJ, media personality and business woman. I can safely throw author into the mix too as she has co-authored a book called, Meeting Your Power. Why DJ Zinhle? She is a hard worker. She is a female succeeding in a male dominated industry and she has a business mind that I would love to explore.

djzinhle hashtag on Twitter

Zinhle has proven herself to be a woman who dares to dream and then chases her dream. Zinhle is the owner of Era By DJ Zinhle. Era by DJ Zinhle has a collection of wrist watches and bracelets with really cool designs. Last year, DJ Zinhle became the first black female supplier for fashion jewellery brand, American Swiss. There’s just something about a black female winning!

Apart from Era by DJ Zinhle, Zinhle is also co-owner of Jiyane Atelier which is an online furniture store. Now, allow me to point out that I have no interest in getting into the wrist watch business or the furniture business but I would just like to sit with her and learn from her in terms of what inspires these business moves when she has a whole music career she could leave off. I’d also want to learn from her business mind and ask whatever questions I can. There is just something about her that fascinates me.

Away from business, another thing I can point out about Zinhle, based on what I’ve seen, is she surrounds herself with a very positive and hardworking friend group. People who are like minded and who want to win. I think that partially contributes to her success.

Those are two African Personalities I would love to meet. Another one is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who I will not write about here because then I would be really cheating. Who would you like to meet?

Stay safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back tomorrow.


Wonani Xx

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