A life Changing Event

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Hey everyone! Today’s post is day 20 of the Afrobloggers challenge and today’s topic is to write about a life changing event I attended. I decided to share my experience at Kingdomcity conference 2018.

I’m currently in Malaysia and while here, I go to an awesome church called Kingdomcity. Every year, Kingdomcity holds a Conference in Kuala Lumpur and Perth. 3 days in each city. The 2018 conference was the first one I attended. The guest speakers that year were Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Dr Michael Maiden and Jedidiah Thurner. You should check all these out.

I was so hyped and pumped to attend conference that I got my ticket in April. Conference was only going to be held in October. That’s how excited I was. Also, I was taking advantage of the early bird fee.

So as conference got closer, my friends and I couldn’t get anymore excited and I was praying that the conference would be everything I wanted it to be and more. One of my prayer items leading up to conference was that I would have a very personal and real encounter with God. You know how when you’re at church and everyone is praying and worshiping and those on either side of you are really into it and you can tell they are experiencing something you aren’t? That happened to me so many times. It still does. It always made me wonder what was wrong with me. So anyway, I just wanted to have that experience on every single day of conference and I prayed about it.

Finally, conference was upon us. It was during the semester so I decided I was going to skip that week because I was not about to do the back and forth trips. I had to write a letter to my Head of Program asking her to excuse me from a very important task that I had to do and she did.

So we (my friends and I) went for conference Day 1. We were late and ended up sitting at the back of this huge convention centre. Despite being at the back, we were so happy and honestly the feeling I had being there is something I’ll probably never be able to describe. Just the first day was so electric. Jumping, dancing, crying, praying etc. There was so much going on. Day 2 came and we made sure we were extremely early on that day. Day 2 had 3 sessions and I was there for all of them. The same goes for Day 3.

Now, how did this event change my life? With regards to my faith and belief in God, it really helped me grow. During those three days I experienced God like I never had. His presence was so tangible that most of the times I didn’t know what to say or do, I would just cry. That whole event helped me realise God is not far from me and that he cares so so much for me. Everything I prayed for during the week leading up to conference and during conference itself came to pass. Some things I did not even realise happened until many months later. Some mind blowing things really happened to me during that conference.

So many aspects of my life changed. Not just how I prayed or how I related with God but even my academic life, my relationships and how I handled things changed. That was a life changing event for me. There are so many details to this story, things that went wrong on the last day and so much good stuff to tell but I’ll cut it here for now.

I will end this by saying God loves you as much on your worst day as he does on your best day. His love never ever quits on us.

Click here to watch the amazing sermons from Conference 2018. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Stay safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

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