Mid-Year Goal Review

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second half of the year. I hope everyone agrees with me when I say it feels like the year started yesterday. I wish I knew what tomorrow knows because I don’t understand where we are rushing to.

If you’re like me, you probably write down a list of goals or things you would like to achieve or work on during the year. Also, if you’re like me, you probably review them when you get to the halfway mark just to monitor your progress and see what needs to be worked on. If you are not like me you probably go with the wind and I admire that, especially right now. do. Today I’ll be reviewing my goals for the year with you just to see how I’m doing. I will also be reviewing my blogging goals so that we can see if there has been any growth. Of course I won’t share all my personal goals because some are really private but lets get into it!


  1. I have been extremely consistent in the first six months and I’m super proud of it. Planning ahead has been super helpful.
  2. I have not changed the name of my blog and I’m not sure I want to anymore. It still sounds strange when I say it (the name) out loud but it is growing on me. I still have six months to decide on whether I will change it or not. Do you think I should change it?
  3. My blog looks more organised. I have learnt how to properly use tags and menus to make everything more accessible for you and for myself too. It still is a work in progress. I literally have to sit and study WordPress!
  4. I have slightly improved in terms of how professional I am with my blog. Of course I still keep it friendly and personal but I have a few things set up now like an email address which has been pretty helpful for those who had questions they couldn’t ask on the blog. This one still is a work in progress for sure
  5. I actually started sharing my posts on social media. Every time I am about to share a post it makes me extremely anxious so I still struggle and feel shy to do it. I haven’t been sharing every single post but I’m trying. I really am. I have also been trying to learn how exactly to use other platforms to advertise or promote my blogs so at least I’m working on this one.
  6. I had my FIRST collaboration (Guest Post) earlier this year and I have a few others coming before the end of the year. I’m pretty excited about those!


  1. Spiritual Growth: I have spent more time reading the bible and praying this year. I also read reading plans/ devotionals on the Bible App. You can add me on the app @Wonani Mwanza and we can study together or something. I have been going to church online as often as I can. I have missed a few Sundays but I try to catch up.
  2. Personal Identification: For a long time if someone asked me “Who is Wonani?” I would struggle to answer. I still do now but it’s been interesting trying to figure out exactly who I am. I’m getting there. One of my specific goals here was to date myself. That only lasted 2 dates and corona happened.
  3. Relationships: I try to talk to my family at least once a week now. Don’t ask me how often I did before, it’s embarrassing to say. My relationships with the few friends I have are definitely getting stronger thanks to Corona having me in quarantine with one of them. I am more intentional with my relationships and put more effort in terms of communication. I have a blog post on this coming real soon! I will be spilling all the relationship tea.
  4. Physical Growth: I’m so excited about this because I have been working out!! When writing down my goals I wrote “Workout at least twice a week” because I was trying to leave room for error. I work out almost everyday minus my rest days which are twice a week. Unfortunately I have not improved my water intake yet. I am not a fan. My hair is healthy and is flourishing. Maybe one day I’ll do a post on 4C hair.
  5. Academics: “Academically I am trying to have soup with a fork.” I’m trying really hard. I did not see “quarantine” coming and I underestimated the struggles that come with online learning. My GPA dropped a bit last semester but we move still. I have exams in two weeks. Say a prayer.
  6. Emotionally and Mentally: We are surviving.
  7. Poetry: Zero work done. I wrote a few pieces at the beginning of “quarantine” but that was it.
  8. Finances: I have done a pretty good job saving. Thanks to corona keeping me in the house and helping me save my coin. Last week one of the online stores had a huge sale and I used part of the coins I had saved up. I know you thought I’d say I was strong and didn’t buy anything but I did.

The rest of them are pretty personal but this sums it up. I’m doing pretty well. Clearly I am struggling with some things but I still have 6 months to hopefully get everything right!

How are your 2020 goals coming up? Let me know in the comments.

Stay safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

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