A Trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Cost of Living in Johor Bahru. Prices Updated Jul 2020.

Hey everyone! After being in the house for quite a while, I have missed being able to freely travel and hang out with friends without worrying about “you-know-what”. So, because of wanting to travel, I decided to update the Travel section of my blog which is clearly lacking and share my 4-day trip to Johor Bahru with you! I went on this trip late last year with my friends.


Johor is about a 4 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur (KL). That was the longest drive I sat through in a long time so I was not the biggest fan. Also, something in that bus was making my nose itch the whole way so I was very uncomfortable. Just thinking about the way my nose was itching is irritating me all over again. I was watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix during most of the drive there because I had just discovered it and I was obsessed.

So, we left KL around 2pm and arrived in Johor around 6pm. We had our dinner at Subway and then went to the apartment we had rented off Booking.com. I don’t remember which site we used. It was a pretty apartment with a view of the sea and Singapore in the distance. When you are a student, travelling on a student budget, you don’t stay in hotels. You gather a group of friends and rent an apartment, sharing the costs and saving money.

Day 2

We slept for most of the day then later went out to get food and did some unplanned shopping. A part of me feels like we just went there to sleep because we woke up late almost everyday. I had gained some extra weight leading up to this trip because I eat a lot when I’m stressed and I had exams just before the trip. So, because of this I was extremely conscious of what I ate so I had Subway salads mostly…with extra chicken.

We also had dinner on the coast and from where we were, you could see Singapore in the distance. The view was so pretty but as it got late into the night, the place had a foul smell which became very annoying. Also, it turned out that there were no ATM’s near where we had our dinner so we had to gather all our last money for the Grab ride back to where we were staying.


We got up pretty early on day 3 because we wanted to do some sight seeing. After we got up and got dressed, we remembered we still had no money. So, we managed to book grab up to “Zoo Johor” where we were going to meet a friend who was going to pass through the ATM on the way to meet us, and save our lives. We got to the Zoo and paid to go in. I can’t remember how much it cost to get in but it was really cheap, about RM2. The zoo is pretty small and because it was very affordable, it was super crowded.

Seeing the animals like that was new for me. Coming from a place where animals like elephants are left in the wild, seeing them locked up in a small space made me feel bad.

Malaysia is so hot and so after a few minutes of walking around, we were exhausted and thirsty. Now, remember I said we were running low on cash but we needed drinks. So we bought a few drinks and shared them among us simply because there were no ATMs near us. We did not meet our friend at the zoo and planned to meet her at the next stop because we were hot and tired of the zoo.

Our next stop was The Glass Temple. To get there we used the last money we had to pay for the grab ride. I assumed the Temple would be free because it’s a religious place. Tell me why we got there and were told we had to pay to get in!! It was not funny then but I laugh about it now. We couldn’t even leave the temple because we had no cash to pay for another grab ride so we sat outside the temple and waited for our friend to get there. She took her time but she was coming with the cash so we couldn’t stress her.

After waiting forever, she finally arrived and paid for us to go into the temple which was so pretty, as you can tell from the pictures below. It was also interesting to read more about the religion and silently (and respectfully) observe the hindus pray.

We didn’t stay there for a long time because we were hungry and tired so we went to the mall to have lunch and made sure to find an ATM first. The mall also had this really nice artsy space with hand paintings done by various artists so we took a few pictures there. After we had lunch we went back home. We stopped by a game arcade and before I knew it, I was spending more money than planned. Those things are so addictive. Our plan was to go to an amusement park after that but when we drove passed it, it looked so dead so we didn’t go and just ended up going home instead. Exhausted.


We did not really do anything on this day because we were so tired from the previous day. We just played Snakes and Ladders which I am unsurprisingly, the worst at. We tried to complete a puzzle which was a complete fail and played Uno too so that was fun. We planned to go to the beach to watch the sunset but we were late somehow. I don’t even know how we became late because we were dressed for the beach but somehow time just flew. So we changed plans, and outfits, and went to a bowling alley instead. The bowling alley was so much fun and had nails breaking everywhere. Again, I was bad at this but the important thing is I had fun. After this, we went for karaoke which was exciting and funny. Probably one of the most exciting things we did. All trying to bring out our inner Beyonce but settling for less, a lot less, than her. We got lost on the way out of the mall but we made it out eventually and went home.


That was the end of our trip to Johor. My suitcase was so full the wheels broke. Dragging it was a huge task. Another rule when you’re going on a trip as a student, make sure you have money kept away for when you get back from your trip or else you will have nothing to eat.

Anyway, that’s all about Johor Bahru. Looking forward to my next trip. I still have a couple of other travel/adventure posts/pictures that I am hoping to share soon.

Check out the last post I shared under Travel about my trip to Livingstone, Zambia. Also, check out last week’s post on Assumptions if you haven’t!

Thanks for reading!


Wonani xx

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  1. Just when I thought ifld grt bored reading… Cos I ain’t no readerrr… And I’m proud… I loved reading this… And seeing the most entertaining part, PICTURES!!!! Next time u go on excursions, take morrre and more pictures

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