My Online Learning Experience (A Semester Online)

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that there is still a pandemic going on but that’s where we are now. Many schools/universities/colleges had to physically close, including mine, in order to minimise the spread of the virus. This meant that instead of face to face learning, we had to learn online instead.

I just submitted my last report for the semester and so with the help of my friend, I came up with a list of our pros and cons about our online experience.


  1. I didn’t have to walk to class- I didn’t mind morning walks to class because they gave me time to think but the afternoon walks? I had no problem getting rid of those.
  2. I didn’t have to wake up extra early for class each day- My preparation time is at least and hour so I was happy to do away with that for a while.
  3. I learnt to be self-reliant- I didn’t have course mates nearby to help me when I was stuck and no lecturers either to explain something to me. I sometimes had to watch so many YouTube videos on the same topic just for things to make sense.
  4. I saved money on printing assignments and all that extra stuff on campus. You know how you go to campus with RM50, buy a drink for RM1 and suddenly you have RM10 left? I don’t miss that.
  5. Attending lectures in my pyjamas and snacking during them was great.
  6. Character building. Group work online has a way of teaching you patience if you never knew it.
  7. I was able to revise through recorded lectures. This is probably the best thing to come out of learning online.


  1. Group work online is the pits. People are harder to work with if you can’t see them or talk to them in person because they will just disconnect themselves from the internet or turn off their phones and then what can you do? Nothing. I struggled so much with this.
  2. 24 hour open book exams which no amount of studying or internet searching could help with. I never imagined I would sit for a full 24 hours writing one exam. No sleep at all. I think this is what I disliked the most about the whole situation.
  3. Everything is 10 times harder online.
  4. If the internet misbehaves, your life is over. Not literally of course. You miss your deadlines and just become stressed.
  5. I’ll mention group work again just for the sake of emphasis.
  6. Falling asleep during a class because I thought I could just attend the lecture from the comfort of my bed. That is a trap. I highly advise you don’t do that.

From the above, I can conclude that online learning is not for me. It’s not something I would willingly put myself through again. It was too much to keep up with and unfortunately, it looks like I have a few more of such semesters coming so complaining will not help me at all.

I will say this though. Certain things need you to be extremely intentional. It’s so much harder to study or attend lectures when you’re locked in your house and see the same things over and over again, so you can only manage by being intentional. The same way we should be intentional about relationships or whatever else we set ourselves to.

What has your experience learning/working and generally being stuck home been like? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


Wonani Xx

10 thoughts on “My Online Learning Experience (A Semester Online)

  1. It was so time consuming for me to a point where I barely had time to just relax. I literally had assignments at the end of each lecture every single day for the whole semester 🙆‍♀️
    It was just overwhelming for me , I’m really not looking forward to it but looks like I clearly don’t have a choice 😅

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