Because Fish Can’t Climb Trees (Guest Post)

Photo Credits: Myers

Hi. I’m Myers and I’m a friend of Wo. I’ll be taking over Dose of Wonani today so stick with me.

Right! Laptop on, tips on keys…what to type? Bring out the genius …or fake it till we make it lol. So, here’s the thing, most of my life I’ve been intrigued by the power of human intelligence and the amazing things human beings are able to accomplish, considering we are only made of dust and ivory. If you’d asked to me ‘say’ what I’m thinking it would much easier, then my brain wouldn’t feel so desperate to present itself as much more than it really is by writing lol.

Growing up I’d often ask myself if I’d ever become as significant as some of the greats I knew back then. I’d question my own brain power a lot when I’m by myself especially for the fact that I wasn’t exactly an admirable student in grade school…we should probably get off this subject ASAP! Regardless, there were somethings I could do almost effortlessly…actually it was only one…drawing (Exhibit A above). Lots of people noticed this in high school (my books were filled with doodles where notes should have been) and often scolded me asking why I couldn’t put the same amount of effort into school work. I could have taken their advice but the truth is I didn’t know how to explain to them that the effort I put into scribbling on paper and the one used to repeatedly look at a single sentence wasn’t created from the same kind of energy…actually I didn’t know this myself until later on in my life. Because I was ignorant to the fact, I forced myself to study and read books- “I have a brain just like everyone else, this shouldn’t be that much of a hustle”- it was hell, but sometimes we must walk through the fire and endure the heat because we have exams to sit for. In the end I walked out with a few bruises…I had relatively OK grades …I mean I wasn’t going to make Harvard, aaannnnd who cares about Yale right?! [walks away with tears in his eyes].

Well your boy made it to Uni! And there stood life ready to swing the bat to my face again!…because what’s man without his struggles?So, here’s me sitting in a lecture theater wondering why there are half a thousand of us in a single room on a hot day without adequate air conditioning, paying attention to one man we can barely understand…the place smells like a flipping public bus on a rainy day…that stench!?, it’s the 0.1% your “99.9% body odor protection” deo doesn’t cover. It’s not hard to tell everyone’s mind has taken a stroll.  By the end of it my brain feels like junk because it’s been filled with just that. And that’s just one lecture… I still have a whole day of ingesting things I can’t immediately comprehend. By the end of it my brain is just (> x<)!… and I don’t feel any better about myself. The question is “Am I the only one feeling this way?” The answer? Still unknown… because it’s a question left unasked… you don’t want to stand out as lazy and dumb after all.

Enough about me ranting about the time before I knew we were all just dumb lumps of meat that really need one another. After a while of life in Uni I figured out one truth. Life is standardized no matter at what level, and that’s ok…except for the fact that human beings were never meant to be tamed or domesticated…thoooooough we’ve done exceptionally well doing that to ourselves. “You can not judge the fish’s intelligence by its ability to climb a tree” -quote, grandpa right before E=mc2. These words resonate in my mind till date because all grandpa was trying to say is “we are all the same different thing scattered together nowhere all over the earth”. If you think that sentence is not logical, you wouldn’t be the first to think quantum physics is nonsensical. Grandpa and I believe it is and we don’t care what you think.

The fact that people know very little outside what they are taught is something that’s seen every day…if you’ve ever helped your lecturer do something that puzzled them…plugging in a projector for example… and thought to yourself ‘what a dumb ☻☻☻ ‘ then you know what I’m on about. The comfort provided by our knowledge is something we indeed need… stick to what you know and you’ll be fine…besides who would willingly fail? I’ll tell you who. Failure created genius and genius creates knowledge, therefore, if life depends on knowledge we are then at the mercy of genius. The security that knowledge provides then creates a cushion that proofs you from the ignorance outside. What we don’t realize is that what that cushion is deflecting is often the intelligence of another. To disregard this security lets you experiment in your own will, if or not another’s knowledge could indeed be useful to you. If you can then combine it with your own you would instantly be able to touch more than your own world. Don’t believe me? Think of something like an animated movie, it collides the worlds of literature, music, art, technology, economics and so much more to produce one thing that can be enjoyed by many. So does Uber, Amazon, Spotify and so does any other product or service today. If you still don’t believe me then you still live in a world where a conversation between a cab driver and a nurse cannot birth a billion-dollar industry.   

 So, what’s this pile of flesh rambling about? Well it’s that ‘logically’, it’s impossible to understand everything that goes around you (as for whether it’s ‘realistically’ impossible, we could discuss that in person). Regardless this doesn’t give you reason to disregard it all. Interaction with environment is the only thing that makes what you are… provided you know what you are. Are you the body of the mind? ,the mind in a body? or a body of minds?…I’ll leave you think about that a little…I’ll type on. Annnnyways, if you haven’t figured it out yet every man is an island but one with many bridges that act as thought highways. Paths through which people can pass their ideas on to you. What I mean is, if you are of your own mind no one can make you produce an action not of your own choosing. Only you can micromanage your own ecosystem deciding what’s good what’s bad and what to discard. The amount of traffic you allow to cross each bridge will determine how much space you’ll have to develop as a person. This doesn’t mean you should entirely block out everything outside it. The more you let in the better your filtration will become. Keep the good toss the trash and when you’re smart enough find a place to keep the trash too, it’s all useful some-day.  Do this and you’ll be halfway through your journey to attain Genius. The other half is learning to walk across the bridge not just use it to send ideas across. As a matter of fact, human beings are incapable of something even as mundane as sharing thought or emotion…look up qualia…or just wonder why you feel your favourite book is not as good as it’s movie adaption and its author thinks you’re a bad reader. On the other hand, there exists those who seamlessly translate one world into the other… just ask Hans Zimmer how he walks so easily between music and film.

To end I’ll just tell you there’s is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of your intelligence, be it sports, cooking, writing or talking. But only when you learn to cross into another’s space does R=I/V become anything from a toning curler to a next gen gaming console….PS5!!!So excited… now go forth padawan…genius in you unleash must you.[worlds fade into a galaxy with uplifting music playing]

Peace ombres if you made it to the end. You deserve a potato!

What are your thoughts on “Cause Fish Can’t Climb Trees”? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

6 thoughts on “Because Fish Can’t Climb Trees (Guest Post)

  1. wow,hell of a ride …like i was holding captain jack’s compass and it was just spinning and spinning but i get it…”who are you?” still thinking, “who am i?”
    But the art is amazing,!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “we are all the same different thing scattered together nowhere all over the earth” – THIS!!!

    Love the artwork; love the whole post.

    Brains come in different flavours and they are all amazing! (This is a metaphor. I am not a zombie.)

    Liked by 1 person

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