Suicide Prevention: Warning Signs and How To Help

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TRIGGER WARNING : This post discusses suicide.

Hey everyone! For those who may not know, the month of September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and so today’s post is dedicated to just that. I did some reading this last week in an effort to understand and learn more about suicide and suicide prevention. I’ll be sharing what I learnt with you so that we can all be aware.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Day falls on the 10th of September ever year. Suicide does not discriminate and affects even the people you least expect it to. Yes, the happy people too.
Different factors can contribute to someone entertaining suicidal thoughts. Examples of these are:
– Mental Health Challenges
– Trauma and Abuse
– Hopelessness
– Loss
– Chronic Pain or Illness

There are warning signs that you could look out for that could help you know that someone is considering committing suicide. A few of them are:
– Talking about wanting to die
– Feeling isolated
– Talking about feeling trapped
– Excessive sadness
– Making preparations (putting personal business in order)

You may be reading this and are not battling any thoughts of suicide and are wondering, “What can I do to help?” Here is where you could start if you know someone thinking about suicide:
– Speak up if you’re worried. Be sensitive but ask direct questions about how the person is feeling or whether they are thinking about suicide. Don’t be afraid to ask about suicidal feelings.
– Offer help. Be supportive and empathetic. Actually listen to them and don’t discount there feelings.
– If someone make jokes about suicide, or passively talks about it, please take it seriously and don’t just think, “She is probably joking.”
– Encourage them to get help.

Conversations on issues like mental health need to be held regularly and understood. Don’t shut people down when they come forward and talk about their challenges but listen and see what you can do about it or ask what you can do to help.

If you are reading this and are currently battling thoughts of suicide, please get help. Reach out to professionals who can help you, your friends or your family. Reach out to me. You are not alone. You have made it this far so keep fighting and choose life.

I’m going to share links to some of the articles or blog-posts I read right at the end of this post. Refer to them for additional information.

Finally, a reminder to everyone, don’t be afraid to seek help. Also, find out if there is a suicide prevention hotline in your country, share it with someone or contact them if the need to ever arises. Choose life.

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

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9 thoughts on “Suicide Prevention: Warning Signs and How To Help

  1. It’s quite interesting topic Nani, thank you for sharing, and can’t wait for the next post. Hopefully you are planning to combined them and make it a book. Thank you again and again.

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  2. It’s its quite interesting topic Nani, thank you for sharing, and can’t for the next post. Hopefully you are planning to combined and make it a book. Thank you again and again.

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