Blog Rewind 2020: My Favourite Posts of the year

Hey everyone! We are officially in the last month of the year. From last week’s post, it’s very clear that I have started winding down and ending the blog for the year. This has been a long blogging year for me as I have posted more this year than the two years before, combined. Despite it being tiresome, it has been fun! I tried so many new things with my blog this year and I decided to go through my posts and share my favourites with you. (Thanks YouTube Rewind for the inspo)

In all honesty, I love everything I have put out this year but for the sake of this post and celebrating milestones, I’ll only be sharing five posts on my blog that really did it for me, in chronological order.


In March, I wrote a series celebrating women. This is one of my favourite posts because I got to work with 2 of the most important women in my life. My mother, Audrey, and my best friend, Masiliso.
Working on these posts was our first time working together, for the blog. Writing the posts gave me so much joy because these women are 2 of the strongest, most ambitious and daring women in my life. I’m so blessed to have them and it was my honor to have them take some time off to answer some questions, see those posts come to life and encourage me, and other people too.

In The Ambitious Woman, I wrote about Masiliso. The post highlights her juggling multiple careers (YouTube, modelling and university), chasing dreams, and being daring enough to try.
In The Daring Woman, I wrote about Audrey. An Educator and Psychologist. In this post, I write about how inspiring she is and also about her being daring enough to bring her dreams to life. She also tells us about being courageous and changing lives.

Letting Go

This post is another one of my favourites for two reasons reasons. First, it’s the first guest post I had on the blog. Second, I wouldn’t have had any other person write it.
I asked Wana to help me with this post and I think he did an amazing job.

Letting Go explores recognizing toxicity and “protecting your peace”. Wana also goes on to give a few signs that will indicate a relationship or environment is a toxic one a few being lack of trust, poor communication (or lack there of) etc.

Although it might not seem like it at first, there’s power in that. Taking back the sole responsibility and complete control over your own happiness, independent of someone else’s feelings or actions towards you.

from Letting Go, Dose of Wonani

This post also officially started the guest post segment on my blog and for that it will always be special.

Speaking of guest posts, if you would like to work with me or share your written on my blog, you can contact me via email at: I can’t wait to hear from you.

Dear 30 Year Old Me

This is an extremely fun post. I love writing open letters. I’ve written letters to my younger self, to women, to my future partner and even to me in the future.

What makes Dear 30 Year Old Me special is that one of the conditions of writing this letter is that I shouldn’t read it or look at it again until I’m 30! I’m only 21 right now so I have another 9 years to go.
Sometimes I think about it and try to remember what I wrote in it but I don’t remember much. This is one of my favourites because I’m just so curious to see how I’ll feel when I read it and to see how much I’d have changed where I’ll be when I’m 30.

I still don’t know how I’ll share me reading the letter for the first time, because I really want to. But, I’ll figure that out later.
I think this is a good exercise and one that you should do too. Ask yourself questions or tell yourself things you don’t want to forget. Just do it!
If you want some inspiration or a better understanding of what exactly it is and how to go about it, feel free to read my letter.

Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge

This challenge was just that. A challenge. I posted almost everyday for the month of June, at the peak of my semester. I don’t know how I did that. Regardless, I’m so glad I joined this challenge.

My take on the Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge tackled so many issues; sexual abuse, faith, African history, social media, music etc. I learnt so much about my country, Zambia, about other African countries and about myself too. I loved it.

This challenge introduced me to an amazing community of people who I wish I knew outside the internet too. I allude part of my growth as a blogger and part of the growth of my blog to Afrobloggers. The challenge and Afrobloggers at large really changed something in my blogging life and this is why I will always be grateful for the Winter Blogging Challenge 2020. It marked the start of something new for my blog.

So, if you would like to know more about who I am, where I’m from and meet other bloggers, you can check out the posts in the WinterABC 2020 category.

My Relationship Series

This is the most recent series on the blog. I worked on this for most of November. This is one of my favourites because it explores an important part of human nature.
I used my personal life as the main reference point to explore relationships. I wrote about my relationship with friends, family, God and partner, highlighting points of growth in each relationship or how to do better or be better.
This was a fun series to write and I came to learn that people really like relationships and talking about love. I also enjoyed the conversations I had with my readers and friends on these topics.
It is such a good learning point and I love it.

Those are my top 5 posts of the year on Dose of Wonani. My favourite posts of the year!
What posts did you really like from the ones I shared this year? What stood out for you? Also, what would you like to see on the blog next year? Let me know in the comments or send me an email:

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

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