Woman Owned Small Zambian Businesses

Hey everyone! Welcome to the final post of the Women’s Month Series 2021! I’m not so sure whether March flew by or it took its sweet time. Let me know what you think. Regardless, it has been an interesting month with great conversation. If you missed the other posts in the series, you can find them all here.

With the help of some friends, I have put together a list of small, woman owned businesses that you can spend some money on. Some of the businesses here are businesses that I personally know and others were recommended by people. All the businesses on this list are small businesses in Zambia so if you are reading this from Zambia, you’re in for a treat!

I left links to each business throughout the post so just click on the name of the business and it will take you directly to the selected business’ page. Also, understanding that not everyone uses Instagram, I also added brief contact details for each business and you can contact them directly for more information. Enjoy!


Namonje’s Thrift Closet

This is an online (Instagram) thrift store with really cute pieces for the ladies. Namonje is really sweet and bubbly I’m sure buying from her is a good experience. She does deliveries in Lusaka and countrywide too (contact her for more info). So if you are looking for a thrift store to add to your list, add Namonje’s and check out her Instagram page. WhatsApp Contact number: +260976144969.

Picture from Namonje’s Thrift Closet

La Vogue Kloset

This is a clothing store located in Northmead with amazing clothes, shoes and bags. They also have an Instagram and Facebook Page that you can follow to see what they have but the best option is probably to visit the store. There is a pair of pants that I lives in my head rent free and I hope that when I’m finally home, I can get my hands on. Contact Number: +260974344866

Picture from La Vogue Kloset

Thrifty Deluxe

Thrifty Deluxe is for those who love to thrift. They have really pretty pieces of clothing at affordable prices. You can find the store on Instagram and on Facebook. Make sure you check it out and add this to your list of thrift stores too!

Picture from Thrifty Deluxe

Africa Savvy

This is a chitenge clothing line. So for all your chitenge bags, headwraps and any other chitenge pieces and accessories, check out Africa Savvy on Instagram and get more information from there.

Picture from Africa Savvy

JM Medical Apparel

This is a fairly new business. If you are in medical school, or you deal with medicine, This business has some pretty cool medical apparel that you can get. I don’t know much about the medical world but I know your scrubs or coats don’t have to be so boring. Check out the page on Instagram: JM Medical Apparel and if you have any friends/family in medicine, then you can share the page with them. WhatsApp Contact Number +260954669936

Nail and Hair Care

Nails by Tontela

If you need to get your nails done, you should try the Nail Junkie. Tontela does really pretty nails and you can see them in the pictures below or on her Instagram business page. She also does house calls if that’s what you prefer. +260973623152

Picture from Nails by Tontela

Curl Control Hair Braiding

You just know we couldn’t leave the hair out. For your braids, locs or whatever fancy style you have in mind, you can check out Curl Control Hair Braiding. If you would like to see her previous work, then have a look at the Instagram Page. One cool thing is she is mobile (upon request). So if you need to get your hair done, or wigs made, at affordable prices, then contact this business.

Picture from Curl Control Hair Braiding

Food and Desserts

Smoked Goodies by Muka

Muka prepares and sells smoked chicken, smoked ribs, smoked fish etc. Everything looks so tasty. You can check out the Instagram Page, Smoked Goodies By Muka and get yourself a little something. Fun fact, I think smoked chicken is actually one of the best things on earth. Paired with sweet chili? A mind-blowing combo. Contact Number: +260973665398

Picture from Smoked Goodies by Muka

For Heavens Cakes Zambia

One of my friends highly recommended For Heavens Cakes Zambia. His birthday cake was made there and he loved it. The cakes are so pretty and come highly recommended. Check out the Instagram Page to see what she does and consider making an order with her. +260966770231.

Picture from For Heavens Cakes Zambia

The Cake Store Zambia

Another one for the lovers of baked goods. The Cake Store Zambia makes bespoke delicious cakes and treats which you can see in the pictures below. This is a highly recommended business so be sure to visit the Instagram Page and place an order for yourself or whoever you have in mind. Contact Number: +260976939648

Picture from The Cake Store Zambia

Graced by Royalty

This one is everything baked goods. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes etc. The brownies made by this business come highly recommended from an extremely trusted person, so if you aren’t sure of what to get, you could start from there. Check out their Instagram page for more pictures of her work! +260977529613

Picture from Graced By Royalty

The Pretty Chef

The Pretty Chef was recommended to me by one of my good friends and I absolutely trust his judgement. This is a business that “serves soul food” and a whole lot of baked goods. The cakes are really tasty AND pretty. You have so much to choose from and free to make request for anything extra. If you have a sweet tooth, this is your girl. Contact Number: +260971810738

Picture from The Pretty Chef

Gift Sets and Floral Arrangements

P.S Fleurs

This one is for everything floral arrangements and gift sets. It’s good to give people flowers. So, if at any point you need to say something to someone with a very nice and fancy floral or even monetary arrangement contact P.S Fleurs. Check out the Instagram page at P.S_Fleurs. +260979173732

Picture from P.S Fleurs


Maggie’s Tuition Centre

This tuition centre offers tuitions for grades 4,5,6 and 7 in Mathematics, English, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Special Paper 1 & 2. Share this with whoever needs it. Contact information is in the poster below.

I think this is a good list. You have food, desserts, hair, clothing and even educational material. Pretty much everything you need. So, get something for yourself or someone you know and support small businesses. A huge thank you to everyone who either sent in their business or their friend’s businesses.

This officially marks the end of the Women’s Month Series for 2021. I hope we all did some learning this month. I definitely did. If you haven’t read the other posts in this series or you would like to check out last year’s series, make sure you do! Thank you so much for sticking and interacting with me throughout this series. Don’t forget to keep choosing to challenge.

I have no idea why I end every blogging series like I will never write or post again but I promise, I’ll be back soon. Don’t forget to check out the businesses I shared above! Let me know what you thought of the series in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

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18 thoughts on “Woman Owned Small Zambian Businesses

  1. Great business recommendations Wonani! I particularly like the sound of For Heaven’s Cake, I think the owner’s very creative with names.

    You’re doing good work promoting these impressive businesses and I wish you excellence in your personal business or career pursuits as well.


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  2. Congratulations ! My best wishes to all of you. You presented it very well Wonani. More people should know about it.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘

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