Social Media Standards of Success and Growth

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. In this post, I’ll be writing about something I’ve been thinking about a lot and something I have fallen prey to and still do. Social media.

Social media is amazing. It has changed the game for a lot of things. However, one thing that has come about because of social media, that I genuinely have mixed feelings about, is social media standards. Social media standards in relation to success, productivity, growth, relationships and even beauty. Today, I’m only here for success and growth.

When it comes to success, it’s always good to understand that the definition of success is relative. What success means to you, may not be what success means to the next person. What social media pushes as success can sometimes be very different from your realistic version of success. There is what’s realistically attainable, and what social media paints to be success.

Without knowing exactly what success means to you, you are left chasing something unattainable because you don’t know what it is. You don’t know what you’re searching for but you’re searching.

We all live different lives. We only show what we choose to on social media. There is almost zero context given as to where we come from, the families we come from or just how we really live. All we show most of the time is the good parts. That’s why I think it’s unfair to oneself to compare personal achievements with someone else’s.. It wouldn’t work or it doesn’t work like that. Everything is contextual and unfortunately we don’t get to see that.

The funny thing is, most times, people just “post and go” then we remain killing ourselves trying to impress a system that does not care for us at all.

I have been reading Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Outliers has really enforced the idea that I should not feel bad for not being as successful as other people or being at the same “level” as others because so many things contribute to someone’s success. It’s not just about how hard they worked. Their families, where they lived and believe it or not even when they were born can contribute to someone’s success and for as long as I don’t share the same background as them, the chances of us attaining the exact same levels of success are not so high. It’s good to be realistic, understand your surroundings and what you actually have to work with, then build up from there.

On my birthday this year, I kept thinking about how close I am to turning 25. This made me start worrying about whether I would have achieved certain things by then. Will I have my own house, will I have a car? What would I have actually achieved? So many questions. When my dad called to wish me a happy birthday, I mentioned how I felt like I was running out of time to achieve certain things and he told me not to put so much pressure on myself and to be patient with myself. He said, “Growth isn’t linear.” If that isn’t true, then I don’t know what is.

Sometimes, the internet puts pressure on us to be at a certain point, at a certain age or stage in your life but that’s not the case. We are all on different journeys. Different paths. If you struggle to understand this then you will definitely have a problem. You may take longer than others to get to a certain point and that’s okay. You are doing great where you are.

Growth doesn’t look the same for everyone. In any case, we probably need to experience growth in different areas. Trying so hard to meet standards that are unrealistic to you may result in depression or even jealousy/envy so be mindful of where you choose to place your criteria for success or growth. In any case, I think it would be great if we could look at someone else’s success and use that to push us to work towards our own definition of what success is. I hope you see the difference.

Success is different for everyone and growth is definitely not linear.

What do you thin about social media standards? Good? Bad? Both? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

8 thoughts on “Social Media Standards of Success and Growth

  1. Fear of missing out ( fomo )
    While FOMO has been around far longer than social media,
    Social media platforms like Facebooki and Instagram seem to exacerbate feelings that others are having more fun or living better lives than you.
    And create an idea that you’re missing out on certain things which can impact your self-esteem, trigger anxiety, and fuel even greater social media use.

    Your saved you from feeling inadequate because your peers are succeeding more than by telling you not to put pressure on yourself.

    You are doing good…walk in your own pace. I’m 25 and I still haven’t achieved but an content and happy to know that I’m working towards bigger things on my own pace

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    1. Perfectly said sis, perfectly said. I can’t even add anything 😂

      “I’m working towards bigger things on my own pace.” I love that and you totally are.
      Thanks for reading and for the comment too!


  2. Thanks for spreading the awareness on social media in your post. It can be a downward spiral if followed blindly. Setting outrageous standards that only stress and build anxiety. The ability to separate oneself from social media is a much needed “superpower” I believe social media is a great tool for many things such as marketing especially for businesses, but It has lost the initial touch for human connection it had intended to provide in the beginning.

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    1. Ooouuuu separating oneself from social media. That is soooo important especially for those who get consumed by the not so good effects of social media.

      I feel that way especially about Instagram. The human connection aspect is just completely gone now.
      I just hope we all use social media wisely.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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      1. Many get consumed negatively before realizing this. Yes, we should choose to use social media wisely and not let it use us blindly. Its a great tool, just needs some level of realization and awareness to best benefit from it.


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