Zambian Creatives You Should Know

Zambian creators

Hey guys! It’s day 4 of the Afrobloggers WinterABC 2021! I’m really happy that I’ve been able to reach the end of the Creatives Week. Over the last week, I have written about fears that creatives should overcome, things you need to know about creating content and I also wrote an open letter to creatives. Now, after all that, I think it’s only right that I put you on to some Zambian creatives in different fields.

There are so many people in the creative industry and obviously I will not be able to mention everyone. The people you will find on this list create content that I genuinely enjoy. Most of them are my friends who are just starting out on their platforms and the others are friends of my friends so it would be great if you could support them.


I’ll start with the blogs because you’re reading this on a blog.

The Zambian Plain Jane

Hope is one of the first Zambian bloggers I knew. She is a lifestyle blogger and her blog has everything from product reviews, really good short stories, her thoughts on topics like depression and interviews with various people.

She recently did a really interesting post where various people gave there input on what they have learnt in there 20’s. Find her blog here!

Lessons from a learner

Chiko is one of my favourite bloggers. I have mentioned her quite a number of times on my blog and had the chance to work with her early this year for a series on life as an intern. She describes her blog as her “life letter to you.”

Chiko has so many interesting posts on her blog. Some about friendship, anger, joy, being single and so many other things. In her most recent post, she writes about regrets which we choose not to dwell on. As someone who in the past regretted some decisions I made, it was refreshing to read.

Chiko also recently became a food blogger. She has so many nice and fun recipes on her blog as well as her Instagram account. I wish I loved to cook so that I could try everything she makes but for now, I’m content with feasting through the screen. Find all her food content here!

The Mini Black Girl

Wanangwa is a blogger who I recently knew of. A post that stood out to me on her blog is “My Charity Work”.

Two things. Through that post, I discovered she was studying law. At some point in my life I really wanted to study law. I still do some day in the future. With that in mind, anyone studying law is automatically cool in my head.
Secondly, it was just a really open and honest piece of writing. It’s always interesting for me to read or hear about people’s spirituality or faith. Very inspiring. You can find a link to her blog here!

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I spend so much time on YouTube. Probably more time than I should. I’m subscribed to quite a number of Zambians on YouTube and honestly, I just love to see all the Zambian content. I obviously couldn’t list every channel here because that would take forever to edit so I opted for the most consistent ones.

If you can, subscribe to the channels below!

Nora Chisenga

I was very recently introduced to her YouTube channel. Nora is a mental health advocate. She says when she first started on YouTube, her content was “centered around mental health and then later branched into lifestyle.” She films on mind care tips and lifestyle.

She has really interesting and fun videos. Find her channel here!

Nora Chisenga

Mix Kasamwa

Mix Kasamwa’s channel is one that I am very openly impressed with. I always say I am amazed with how well he has built and established his brand. Mix Kasamwa describes himself as “The hardest ohn in LSK”. You have to be Zambian or from Lusaka to understand that. “Ohn” is basically a person. That’s very typical Lusaka slang.

Anyway, on Mix Kasamwa’s channel, you will find a series called “Lusaka Starter Pack”. It has 7 episodes out right now. The series shows what life is like in Lusaka, as a young person who keeps up with the trends. It is hilarious and is so well done. The growth of the series and brand is so evident as you watch through the series. It’s also been really nice to see big sponsors coming on board. I highly recommend this one. Some people may disagree but what he has done for his brand will be studied one day. Have a look at his channel here!

Mix Kasamwa

Chungu Muleba

Chungu is one of the people I’ve known for so many years. Away from that, Chungu recently started a YouTube channel and her content is all lifestyle.

She has really funny story times, excellent book recommendations and also gives us relationship talk once in a while. Her most recent video is a productive morning routine and honesty, I love that content. I watch a lot of such videos on YouTube because I like watching people be productive or organising. Very satisfying for me.

Before that video, she shared a video talking about “friendship in your 20’s”. She didn’t tell any lies in that video. Friendship in your 20’s is quite something. That’s all I’ll say for now. Visit her channel here!

Chungu Muleba

Blessings Nkhoma

Blessings just started her YouTube channel. Having watched all three videos on her channel, I can assume Blessings has a bubbly personality. She also has a good sense of humour. I’m definitely looking forward to all the other content she will bring! You and I get to have “a front row seat to greatness”. Find her channel here!

Blessings Nkhoma

Nyemba Tembo

Nyemba is one of Zambia’s veteran YouTubers. Nyemba does a whole lot of lifestyle content. If you’re such a “chill vibes” person, you’ll definitely love her content.

She really puts in a lot of time and effort into her channel and that is very evident when you watch her videos. Also, she does some productivity videos and like I said earlier, those videos are so satisfying to me.

If you want to see a little bit of life in Zambia, everywhere else she goes and everything she gets up to, which is a lot, you can find her channel here!

Nyemba Tembo

Masiliso Mutumba

Masiliso is a Zambian living in Russia. She has videos that talk about life in Russia and a lot of lifestyle videos as well. She is a model too and sometimes, she carries us to work with her. Masiliso has videos on Mental Health, Fashion, Modelling, you name it.

Also, she has a really successful Tik Tok platform. She recently hit 1 million followers on TikTok. How amazing is that?! Find a link to her channel here!

Masiliso Mutumba

Bwembya Chileshe

Bwembya’s channel is a gaming channel. All the content on the channel is gaming content so if that is your thing, you can check out his channel here!

I am not really into games but one of my brother’s is. This is definitely his kind of content. Also, I think it’s really cool how people have solid careers out of virtual games. So amusing.

Bwembya Chileshe

U’el Kabwe

U’el literally just posted the first video on his YouTube Channel. His first video was Spoken Word Poetry. If you love poetry, specifically spoken word, you will love this.
Allow me to quote my favourite line from his poem,”I knew you were the one, I just didn’t know I’d find you so soon.” Butterflies. No, the zoo.

Listen to his freestyle here!

U'el Kabwe

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I have been listening to podcasts for slightly over 2 years and I’m so happy Zambians are creating their own. I listen to podcasts a lot. Maybe I should start one too. These are some of the podcasts I listen to by Zambians. You can find these on any podcast streaming platform.

Deep It.

In his podcast bio, Wana describes his podcast, “Deep It.” as a series of Q&A’s from his socials focusing primarily on topics of love, life, relationships, mental and emotional health and spirituality.

In his most recent episode, “Watching what we say”, Wana talks about the importance of being mindful of our words and what we say to people, relating our words to the effect they have on other people.
In another episode, which happens to be one of my favourites, Wana talks about very relatable experiences with failure and I really liked this episode because well, I’ve been there before. We all have.

This is a really interesting and relatable podcast. You can find a link to the podcast here!

Deep IT. with Wana Luswili

Niches and Vices

Niches and Vices is hosted by my friend, Malikana. One of my favourite episodes on this podcast is Labels and Misconceptions. I related to a lot of what Malikana brought up in this episode and just really felt seen. I never realised how similar we were, in some aspects.
I think he very accurately described being the first born and described a lot of my life growing up, and labels I’ve had to deal with.

Overall, Niches and Vices is really good and you should really give it a listen.

Niches and Vices

The Village ZM

This is a very political podcast. If you want to have an idea of the political and social climate in Zambia, The Village Zambia is the podcast to listen to.

One of my favourite episodes on the podcasts is Tribe and Prejudice where the hosts talk about the colonial roots of tribalism in Zambia. Zambia has about 54 tribes, for your information.

Zambia will also be having general elections in August. The hosts took time to talk about the electoral process and the role of the citizens when it comes to democracy. You can find the podcast here!

The Village ZM

Digital Art/Photography

I can’t draw to save my life. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t, but it would be good if I could. In secondary school, I always asked someone else in class to draw my diagrams for me. My biology teacher was so concerned I wouldn’t be able to draw a cell in the exam. Anyway, here is someone who does.

Jimmy Banda

This is my brother and he creates digital art. He has been drawing for as long as I can remember. I love that he decided to build on his artistic abilities because he is doing such a good job at it. He does commissioned work so if you want something done for you, please contact him on Instagram.


Charlie Photography

Charles is a photographer and he does fashion, portrait and event photography. He will be in Zambia this month so if you are looking for a photographer, you can contact him on Instagram.

Charlie Photography

There are so many more I could have added to the list but these will do for now. Please tell me your favourite YouTuber, Podcaster (is that a word?), Blogger, etc it. I’d love to have a look at them and maybe even add them to my list of subscriptions. Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to have a look at the creatives mentioned. A special thank you to everyone who recommended their friend’s work.

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

Hey! Day 4 and Week 1 of the Afrobloggers WinterABC 2021 is done. I hope you enjoyed reading all about creatives. Find all the posts in the blogging challenge here!

22 thoughts on “Zambian Creatives You Should Know

  1. Since I tend to spend a loooottttt of time on YouTube, I’ll definitely be checking out some ot these YouTubers. Thanks for the plug! β™₯️✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome.
    I know like 5 bloggers. Maybe.πŸ˜… I’m still discovering creatives but you’ll always be in my top 2 because of the way I relate and connect to your content as well as the human element. Plus, you inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing these!
    oh!my gosh I love your blog so much. β™₯️

    Can’t wait. For the next one.
    Your favorite fangirl. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ˜‚ well now you know a few more.
      Thank you! Coming up with the descriptions was so much. I was actually telling myself to ask everyone to describe themselves so that I don’t have to do it πŸ˜‚

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ll check the rest of the other creatives
    I’ve read Plain Jane’s blog. It’s very indprsmgive and relatable. She shares a lot about coping with unemployment and issues pertaining life in general which is quite incredible.
    Thank you for I have more light of people to follow and learn from.

    You forgot to include yourself πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Her unemployment series was a very real and relatable one.

      How could I leave myself out? πŸ˜‚ thanks for reading and for the comment ❀


  5. Favourite Zambian YouTubers: Lombe Posa and Joey Mukando
    Favourite blogger: Wonani
    I’ve really struggled with podcasts. I’ll check out the ones you’ve recommended.
    Jimmy Banda’s art is outstanding. Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lombe is really good!! I would have definitely added her to the list too if I could.
      I haven’t watched Joey’s videos on YouTube. Only the clips that would go viral. I’ll definitely have a look.

      Me? Your favourite blogger? Thank you ❀ How many bloggers do you know though? That’s the real question here πŸ˜‚

      Yes! He is really talented!


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