Where Have I Been? (& random thoughts)

It has been quite a while since I was here; be it sharing content or reading blogs. My last post was three weeks ago and it has been difficult finding time to blog again since then. So, where have I been?

Before we get into that, Happy New Month! I hope you have a blessed November. Only good things for you and yours. The months have been flying and I am struggling to keep up. Okay. Where have I been?

I wish I had a dramatic answer to that question. I wish so many things had happened over the last one month but it has been nothing special. The answer is simple. University kept me away from here. I finally finished my exams now I have time to edit pending blog posts and write new ones.

I have come to realise that when I write something and leave it in my drafts for a long time, I lose interest in it. It feels as though I missed the perfect moment to post. Additionally, sometimes I write certain things when I feel very emotional and so once those emotions are gone, I’m not interested in sharing the pieces anymore. So, I’m now questioning whether to delete some of the drafts or keep them. What do you think I should do? Give them a facelift? Please let me know.

This post was meant to explain why I was away but that took three sentences. That is barely enough for a blog post (for me). I will now share a few random thoughts that may eventually turn into individual blog posts.

Life Changes

I am about to make quite a significant change in my life and quite frankly, I’m nervous. I don’t know how ready I am for it; considering I have no plans for what comes next after that. I still have some unanswered questions. I’ve been learning how to be okay with the unknown and this is a true test to see if I can practice what I have learned over the years. However, despite the nervousness, I’m excited. This change could come with the opportunity to learn new things and work on my craft. (Whatever my craft is). I will definitely be sharing more about this at some point this month. Change can be scary but it can also be beautiful.


I was recently looking at my goals for this year and it turns out I have achieved some of them. However, there are still others that I haven’t intentionally worked on. Reaching your goals doesn’t happen through magic. You have to work. We have two months left in 2021. No pressure. I am giving myself grace and I know that in as much as it would be amazing to reach all my goals for the year, it’s okay if I don’t.

Take this as your reminder to look at your own list and see if there are any short term goals you can check off that you haven’t already. Let this also be your reminder to give yourself grace. I’m looking forward to reviewing goals with you at the end of the year!

Give Yourself Grace

I’ve done a few posts in the past where I highlighted some Zambian Creatives. Those posts take forever to edit. I don’t enjoy how much work I have to put in but I enjoy the outcome and of course, sharing other people’s work. Now, I have discovered that a good number of people whose platforms I shared aren’t sharing any content on them! It almost feels like recommending someone for a job and then they do a poor job. Those posts are some of the most viewed posts on my blog. I end up feeling bad because people end up clicking on the links I share only to find a dormant YouTube Channel, blog or whatever it is.

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What I’m saying is you we need to be consistent. I understand life happens and sometimes you just can’t make things work. I’m saying this for those times when you just aren’t doing anything and finding any and every excuse not to tap into your creative side. Consistency can do so much for you. If you aren’t consistent, people forget you. If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent. That’s one way to make your mark. Here is your reminder to be consistent. Consistent in your creative journey, relationships, prayer, etc.

Be Consistent
Blogging Break?

I have one scheduled blogging break in December every year. The problem this year is I didn’t blog in July and barely blogged in October. Due to that, I’m not so sure about taking December off. I usually have a break in December to take a break from blogging, catch up on school. plan the year and just rest. I won’t have school to worry about this December and quite frankly, I’m not as busy as I usually am this time of the year so my reasons for the December break aren’t enough. Unless I come up with new and better reasons. Should I end my year in November or continue through December? I’m leaning towards the latter right now. Maybe I can pull off December blogging? What are your thoughts?

Blog Survey

I am coming up with a survey just to find out a few things from you, my lovely readers. Things like what type of posts you’d like to see, what content you enjoy, preferred reading days etc. So many changes coming for the blog and I would like you to be a part of it. If you haven’t noticed, I’m actually paying for this domain now so I want us to get value for my money. In terms of content and content quality.
I will share the link to the survey once it’s ready and I hope you will take part!

About the post I’m owing

Finally, I am very aware that I am still owing one blog post for the thesis writing series. To be honest, I have mentally moved on from that but I will still edit the post and share it. I made a commitment. (Also, someone asked about it last week so I might as well share it). I will post it on Wednesday. If that interests you, come back here on Wednesday. Midweek posts rarely happen here so this is special.

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The essence of this post was to tell you where I have been but that only took three sentences so I decided to just tell you more. This is just to formally announce that I am back this week. We return to normal scheduling. I’m off to catch up on other blogs. I have a lot of reading to do!

Tell me, how have you been? Have you done anything new lately? Leave a comment and let me know.

See you on Wednesday! Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

13 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? (& random thoughts)

  1. It’s good to have you back Wonani. I believe every blogger goes through the same issues as you with consistency. I, for one, felt really guilty for abandoning my blog for many months. I hope I never do that again. I trust we can figure it out… stay blessed

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  2. First of all welcome back!
    I honestly think that you can do a reality check on the drafts, see if you there’s a mountain of drafts and if that’s the case I highly doubt that you can complete everything but you can always give us a piece of that mountain. If on the other hand you have, let’s say a handful of drafts then most definitely write them all up.
    I loved the part of consistency, it was the best part for me reading through this blog! Great job!
    Finally I think you should take that December break! You’re a creative, a quality content blogger and the break enhances you to maintain your status as a quality content blogger. In as much as you want to “end the year in November” you’ve got a whole 2022 ahead of you and you don’t want to rush.

    Much love! xx

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    1. Thank you Stephen!

      I’ll definitely go with your suggestion about the drafts. I only have a handful so going through them should be relatively easy.

      Thank you. I’ll consider the break in December. 😂 you’ll know what I decide soon.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. I went through your blog . Your worries are unusual . You are consistent in writing . First time I am going through your very much consistent blog . So , time has come to get rid of your worries . Inconsistency may be in your working style , but thought wise you are quite consistent undoubtedly . Secondly , you have revealed through your blog that many drafts of blogs are lying for editing , about that I can only tell you that if you could send those drafts , I promise I’ll shortly return the edited version of your drafts as per your liking . This is not Inconsistency in you that prevents you from editing your drafts . This , I think , is unwillingness in that prevents you to edit your drafts of your blogs . This is my opinion . Don’t take it otherwise . If you like it , read it . If you dislike it leave it . Thanking you . Please read my blogs also . If feel like commenting , do so .

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    1. Hahaha well I guess consistency or lack there of looks different for everyone.

      For me it simply meant not following my blogging schedule. However, I do get what you mean. I don’t seem so inconsistent.

      Thank you for your thoughts. Maybe I have to deal with the unwillingness.

      Thanks for reading! I’ll check out your blog.


  4. I so get you! I’ve been pretty inconsistent on here over the past 2 months. It has been SO hard with work and life taking over. And with inconsistent posting, I see inconsistent interest in my posts and that is so discouraging especially after having spent the last 18 months building this blog. :’)
    Here’s hoping we both get back to consistently posting on here. XX

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    1. To be fair, you have had a lot on your plate. That considered, I think you’re doing good.
      Maybe what you need to figure out now is how to make everything work smoothly lol.
      I understand how discouraging that can be though.
      Consistency can be very demanding!

      Yes, to consistency! Xx

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