To My Biggest Fan

To my biggest fan.

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder; my heart has grown to accommodate the longing and the growth of my love for you. It took some time for me to adjust to a new place, as expected, but I haven’t adjusted to being away from you and I don’t think I ever will. This time feels like all the other times we’ve been apart put together and multiplied by infinity.

I miss our “hapey” moments: our drives together, me cooking for you and you coming into the kitchen to taste the food, watching shows together, sitting in silence together, but to mention a few.

I have never connected with anyone the way that I do with you. You are the blade that cut my chest open and you touched my beating heart with your bare hands. I don’t like being away from you. My heart wants to break out of my rib cage and run to you (or would it float? Maybe get on a plane?). I wish my heart had a mouth of its own to articulate its feelings as I am unqualified to do so.

I believe our bond was formed under intense pressure and heat and it would take an eternity to break us.

I miss you terribly and I look forward to being in your presence again. I am an ember and only your breath can reignite me.

I love you deeply. I love the way you tickle my heart. Ours is the greatest love I’ve experienced with another person.

Yours forlways,


Hello lovely readers and welcome to the month of love! As you already know, I’m being a little extra with Valentine’s this year and I’m more than glad to bring you along with me.
With the help of different people who sent their letters to me, I will be I will be sharing a letter everyday for the next few weeks. Some of the notable themes in the letters include reciprocated love, unrequited love, self love, heartbreak and hope. Be sure to follow the blog so that you are not left out!

One thing worth noting in this letter is that the author is in a long-distance relationship. I can’t help but wonder, have you ever been in a long distance relationship (romantic or platonic)? Are you currently in one? Let me know how you survived it or how you didn’t. Leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

14 thoughts on “To My Biggest Fan

  1. This was undeniably beautiful 😭😭😭 gosh my heart. I’d love to read the story in a book. This post has definitely been an enjoyable read.
    Maybe because I’m a sucker for love😂
    Thank you for sharing 💕

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  2. I just love this idea leading up to V day, and this first letter made my heart feel all the feels. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship thank god, but after reading this I feel like I understand what it would be like ugh 💔 can’t wait to read more of these!!

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