My Significant Other

My significant other,

One day God willing, I will direct you to this happy place and allow you to read this letter. I have been praying for you even though a part of me is doubtful that I will ever meet you. Even though it hurts I am hopeful that one day I will smile, cry and say I do in front of our families. I would love to meet you and I hope that we will grow old together.

Funny enough I spent my Valentines Day evening covering homework books for my students while
someone was blushing. I teach a happy, energetic and adventurous bunch of five-year-olds. I am not comparing myself with anyone and neither am I complaining but the heat is getting unbearable and even though I might act tough it gets to me on some nights. I believe that we will talk about this say “the timing wasn’t right”.

I hope you had a memorable Valentines day, I even laughed at myself when I left work. I wasn’t in a rush to go home, but someone’s child was in a rush to go somewhere.

A part of me hopes to bump into you soon, I am scared, anxious and on some days I even imagine that you exist. It sounds stupid but I can’t keep up with the flood of questions of when I will get married. So Qhawe Zulu has been the one for me until we meet.

I pray that we will fall in love and be the best versions of ourselves.

Your anxious wife

Thank you so much to the author for sending this sweet letter. How many of you reading this receive the “when are you getting married?” question from relatives and friends? How do you go about answering it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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