To The Lover I Lost

To the lover I lost,

When you decided to leave me, it wasn’t easy. Losing you wasn’t instant, it happened every morning when I woke up thinking of you, every night when I fell asleep think of you. I lost you over and over again every single day until I was done with it. My best memories of us were omitting the truth that not every experience is meant to last forever. Sadly you didn’t see me worthy for experiencing you, and that actually okay. You are not obligated to keep me or anyone in your life. I still love and care for you like I said I did, the only thing that changed is that I’m no longer in love with you. I hope you’re doing well.

Yours, Sir Baudelaire.

Thank you so much to the author who chose to stay anonymous for sending this! This is a very short, sweet yet beautifully painful letter.

What is the longest it has taken you to either get over someone you were once in a relationship with or move on from the relationship? Leave a comment and let me know how long it took you and also how you feel about the person now.

I may have to expand everything one day and turn my notes into blog posts, telling you all my stories. Until then, find all the letters in this series here!

3 thoughts on “To The Lover I Lost

  1. It’s interesting, how do you know when you’re actually over someone? When you forge a close bond with someone and the heart connects, do you ever really let go? You can move on and love new people, but that song, even 20 years later, might still make you think of the person. My boyfriend of 5 years who I was with in college and after didn’t take that long for me to get over, but in some ways, I’ll still get sad thinking about it, kind of out of nowhere. And then move on with my day. Doesn’t mean I even miss him or want to be with him. It’s just what love does I guess ❤️‍🩹

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    1. You are right! You can totally move on but there are certain things that will always remind you of the person. and that is expected because you can’t just forget everything about them simply because you moved on.
      It is what love does. As well as just how “memory” functions. Lol.
      Thanks for reading! ❤️

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