Letter To The Man I Have Loved Until Now

Today I write to the most special man in my life. Not special like we’re dating, because that seems too far from reality, and as I don’t know know if he feels the same way I do about him. This is a person who has given me the best example of what love looks like. A lot happened and I have quite a number of questions for you but first, let’s get to the good part.

Dear K,

I’m grateful for having known you and that you gave me a chance to be me and know that it’s okay to know or not know. I’m grateful for the experiences we shared, the jokes we made,and the moments we lived. Oh, I’m grateful for the music we did listen to because sometimes it just reminds me of you. It’s been a couple of months, could be 13 since I last felt deeply appreciated and genuinely cared for.

Each day as I tour the world, I’m reminded of how precious you were. There’s a saying that one day you’ll get over the person you love when things go amis, and I can honestly say that I’ve failed to be apart of it. This is because each day that passes by, I get to love you more and fall more in love with you.

You see, you were the first person who ever wiped my tears and who never took advantage of me. On some days, all I thought is how lucky I got to have you in my life. As I journey this thing called life, I’m kept with so many questions like shall we ever be again? I liked the fact that you listened, and offered support to me in every single way. I’m also grateful that you you showed me what life is and how beautiful it is to have a confidant. I miss you every day and I’m not sure I’ll get over it. I love that we still talk and although we’re not as close as we used to be, I’m grateful that I get to laugh with you once in a while. If I could, I’d whisper that I love you so much but the notion that a man says that first just won’t let me.

The other day as I scrolled through the phone, I saw a happy picture of you, one that brought so much memories. Memories that can’t seem to get erased. How do I erase them if I got to see the jumper you gave me or the bracelet that’s so dear to me. How do I explain that just saying your name is a trigger enough? Also, how do I make peace with my dreams where you seem to reoccur? I love you everyday and the fact that I never got chance to tell you hurts every other day. I’m hopeful that on a beautiful day, I’ll whisper it to your ears. It’s 4 years since I got to know you, and I can never regret that.

P.S: people date people who love and care for you. This life is for living and we wish to live the very best of it.

And that’s my special person K, which stands for Kakuru, and that’s him.

Thank you so much to the beautiful author for sharing this letter. We are in the final lap of this series and I’m so grateful to each of you for reading up to this point.

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