Dear Sunset

Dear Sunset,

Your heart is what I desire. Would be so simple if I could just pray you into living me, or have God blind your eyes to all men but me. But it doesn’t work that way. Besides, that would mean your love for me wouldn’t be authentic, because your option of choice would have been robbed of you. I’d rather give you that choice, hoping you choose me out of the crowd.

I’ll be honest! I’m fascinated by you. Have you heard yourself speak? When you open your mouth, the words that flow scream out to me “maturity”, “growth” and “wisdom”. Every time I picture us together in my mind, I rarely envision us making out. I see us enjoying each other’s company, feeding each other with words and ideas that bring about growth, being wrapped safely in each other’s arms as we watch the stars, or plan out our lives together. I desire to learn from you. I desire to see the world through your eyes. I want to like what you like, and love what you love. But I’ll be patient. I will not rush this process. I will not free fall into love like I tend to do, instead I’ll take it step by step with you. I’ll learn to be your friend before I learn to be your lover.

I just hope I don’t hurt my heart again whilst in this pursuit. But to love is a risk. You’re never guaranteed a promising result. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take over and over again in this life.

I hope that one day you get to read this letter, and understand that you inspire me.

Yours Lovingly,


“To love is a risk.” That’s really just it but we fall in love anyway, hoping that love is shown back to us.

Thanks to the author, U’el, for sharing this beautiful letter. I, too, hope that one day, the person this letter is written to reads it. You can check out his YouTube Channel where he shares amazing spoken word poetry. Feel free to subscribe and watch his videos.

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