A Love That Taught Me Kindness

To a love that taught me kindness,

When I look back and reminisce on our story, I find myself feeling many different things. One of those things is gratitude. Not too long ago, we had a conversation about soul mates and you asked me what I thought they were and if I believed in them. I went on to explain that in my understanding, a soulmate is a point of change.

An elevation or evolution. The kind of people that when you meet them, they change your life. They are littered all over our lives. Dependent on the path of life you choose. When I met you, I was rash, I was young, I was devoid of experience and what it meant to be patient in love. Getting to know you, allowing myself to care for you, that was a point of change.

You shared with me the parts of you that you thought deserved shame and to be hidden away. I couldn’t help but admire you even more. Yes, our love story can be viewed as a tragic one but till this day, I retain the utmost respect for who you are and I regret nothing about our experience.

You’ve seen the end of time yet here you are, transcendent. Knowing no bounds and taking control. In the last conversation we had, you said that you didn’t think that romantic love is an experience that might be meant for you. And I said to you that whether you feel loveable or not there are people who will love you still. The real challenge is accepting that love and honoring it. I reiterate that now because I’m hoping with this letter, I can honor you and the love you showed me.

You changed me. You elevated my consciousness. I see the world a lot differently now. I’ve learned to love a lot different now. You helped me become that. You taught me what it means to fight for the people I care about. You taught me what it means to show up. To be present. To give assurance. To show affection. To do it all at once.

And more importantly, you taught me to be kind. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for making me a better person, a better lover and a better friend.

I wish you godspeed.


I just love this. What are some things that love has taught you? Leave a comment and let me know!

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