The beginning..

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Welcome to the official first post on my blog, “Dose of Wonani”. Considering this is my first post, I will try my best not to say/type more than is socially acceptable.

A little bit about myself? I’m a Zambian female who is in love with the Arts, specifially poetry and music. I’m currently in my second year of Uni.

This blog is going to be you taking a walk with me (laugh at the irony, you are probably seated right now) as I get to figure out different things in the world and life. No it’s not that serious. I get to share “everything everything” here.

This won’t totally be about me **flicks 4c African hair**, but you’ll get to meet different people and experience different things and visit different places through my words and pictures.

I can’t give a particular theme for this. We get to see and talk about almost everything to do with Lifestyle, Adulting and Travel.

I know for sure I’m going to enjoy this and I hope you do too.


Wonani, Xx.