50 Plus 1

Hello everyone! It’s another day of the Afrobloggers challenge and today’s topic is “Comment on a trending current affairs topic.” so that’s what I’m doing.

Fixing the Zambian constitution to avoid expensive by-elections

I have always been interested in politics as it is generally an amusing concept. However, I was never really involved in Zambian politics because my opinion never really mattered. I couldn’t vote because of age issues lol. Now, I fully intend to vote in next years election because I know my vote will make a difference.

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Moving On

That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Hey everyone! It’s another week with Afrobloggers and the topic for today is to do with grief, loss and healing.

I recently shared a post here on moving on. In Moving On, Wana (the guest author of the post) writes about how experiencing loss helped him grow and how he is still struggling with moving on. He also writes about the healing process and steps that have been essential in helping him move on.

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Sexual Violence

“Stay safe. Black lives matter. Stop sexual abuse.” That’s how I’ve been ending my posts for the last month or so. Recently, so many people came out talking about their sexual abuse experiences and that was a very dark period for me on social media because it highlighted that even the people you don’t expect to, will abuse you.

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Traditions and Weddings: Chilanga Mulilo

Hey everyone! Today, it is my pleasure to tell you about one of Zambia’s traditional pre-wedding ceremonies following today’s prompt, “Share about one cultural aspect from your country or community.”

Chilanga Mulilo is a Bemba word that directly translates to “showing the fire“. It is a pre-marriage ceremony usually practiced by the Bemba speaking people of Zambia. I am not Bemba but, I have had the privilege of attending quite a few of these ceremonies. By quite a few, I mean 3. The one I vividly remember was for my uncle and it was held at my parents house so all I’ll explain today is based on what was seen there.

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Coffee with Kenneth Kaunda, DJ Zinhle

Hello everyone! It’s another day of the challenge and today’s prompt has to do with an African personality I’d like to meet and why. Am I cheating if I mention two people? I hope not. As can be seen from my title, my two picks have nothing in common but that doesn’t matter.

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