A Valentine’s Day Letter To My Ex

Hi Mike,

I was missing you last night. Or, maybe I was just missing having someone. I was watching a TV show and the woman needed someone to help take her to the bathroom after her surgery. And because her husband had just passed, her friends were helping her around the clock. And I felt scared and sad because I no longer have you here with me. I could oddly relate to her widowed state.

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Letter To My Ex-Lover

To My Ex-Lover,

I loved you more than I loved myself, and I knew that because I sacrificed my happiness to have you in my life. The part that damaged me was that you knew that, and you knew how much love I had for you, and it vitalized your ego. The ego which allowed you to hurt me, the ego which allowed you to come in and out, and the ego that can look me in my eyes to ignore the pain in my cries.

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The Perfect Breakup: The End (Part III)

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James and I were in a relationship for just over two years. I struggled to understand how he met another woman, liked her and decided to marry her. All within six months of us breaking up.

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The Perfect Breakup (Part I)

Friday afternoons take the longest to end especially when it is your birthday weekend and you have plans. James and I had a trip planned for the weekend and I was very excited about it.

I found out about the trip a week prior when he surprised me with a flight ticket. We would be going to Samfya. I had always wanted to visit the town and spend time on the beach but I never liked the idea of driving for ten hours just to get there. I was so elated when I read the email with the flight information. I opened it every day just to make sure it was real and I wasn’t dreaming.

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