Where Have I Been? (& random thoughts)

It has been quite a while since I was here; be it sharing content or reading blogs. My last post was three weeks ago and it has been difficult finding time to blog again since then. So, where have I been?

Before we get into that, Happy New Month! I hope you have a blessed November. Only good things for you and yours. The months have been flying and I am struggling to keep up. Okay. Where have I been?

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I’m Back! Life Update, What’s New?

Hey everyone! I am officially back to blogging. I took the month of January off and I’m so glad I did. No regrets. Did you miss my posts? Did you miss me at all? I definitely missed being around here. Happy New Year! Are people still saying that? This is the first time we are officially communicating this year so I suppose we get a pass. In any case, my year begins in February, the most elite month of the year.

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