Letter To The Man I Have Loved Until Now

Today I write to the most special man in my life. Not special like we’re dating, because that seems too far from reality, and as I don’t know know if he feels the same way I do about him. This is a person who has given me the best example of what love looks like. A lot happened and I have quite a number of questions for you but first, let’s get to the good part.

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My Significant Other

My significant other,

One day God willing, I will direct you to this happy place and allow you to read this letter. I have been praying for you even though a part of me is doubtful that I will ever meet you. Even though it hurts I am hopeful that one day I will smile, cry and say I do in front of our families. I would love to meet you and I hope that we will grow old together.

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My Dearest Valentine

My Dearest Valentine,

I write this approximately 65 days since I’ve known you and I must say, I’m quite smitten.

It’s in the way your voice gently greets me every morning or the warmth of your smile from across me at our favorite coffee shop.

I must say, I love to stare into your eyes as you throw big words here and there occasionally. Have I told you have beautiful eyes? Oh, don’t get me started on your dimples that dig so deep into your smile as you laugh at a joke I’ve made, and I do make lame jokes. I get lost in the intensity of your passion as you express yourself on the dryness of the coffee or the improperly brewed nature of it.

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