Make Time for What Brings You Joy

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great. I feel like I haven’t been here in a very long time and yet it has only been two weeks. I didn’t post last week and I shared a guest post 2 weeks ago. Maybe I actually haven’t been around in a while.

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I’m Back! Life Update, What’s New?

Hey everyone! I am officially back to blogging. I took the month of January off and I’m so glad I did. No regrets. Did you miss my posts? Did you miss me at all? I definitely missed being around here. Happy New Year! Are people still saying that? This is the first time we are officially communicating this year so I suppose we get a pass. In any case, my year begins in February, the most elite month of the year.

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Tips For Working From Home (Online classes, work etc.)

Hello everyone! A few months ago I wrote about my online learning experience and some friends asked me how I went about it so I thought I’d share that here too because, content.
I didn’t think we would need these tips but it turns out I have another online semester coming and so do some of you. I hope this isn’t too late!
Also, in an interesting turn of events, Malaysia is under a Conditional Movement Control Order in some states (again) which means I can’t work from the office so my internship is in my room. What better time to bring this post up than when I need it?!
Also, my next semester only starts next month but if I don’t post this now, I never will because I might give up on online school. (I really should be used to it by now.)

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How To Get An Internship

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. I (surprisingly) received a number of questions regarding my internship which I briefly talked about in my last Life Update. So, because all those questions came as a result of people reading that post, I decided to answer them here because content.

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